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Vinyl siding: High quality protection for a low price

Vinyl siding is one of the most versatile and cost-effective options available for both residential and commercial applications. With so many texture and color options, vinyl siding can fit into the design of almost any building or home. Plus, vinyl siding prices are much lower than other siding materials such as shakes or stucco.

Between the weatherproofing and design versatility, vinyl siding prices are well worth it. But by far the most important factor in the success of your vinyl siding system is the installation. Proper installation by a professional siding contractor is key to its long-term effectiveness.

Learn what to consider when you’re thinking about installing vinyl siding on your home or a commercial building:

  • Energy efficiency
    Vinyl siding—especially seamless or foam backed vinyl siding—can help to insulate your facility or home, keeping heating and cooling costs low. For commercial projects seeking Energy Star or LEED v4 certification—or for homeowners seeking a tax credit for energy efficiency—vinyl siding can help.
  • Design considerations
    Vinyl siding comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether you want blue fish scales, grey scallops or vinyl that resembles cedar shakes, there is a color, texture, and shape to match your design needs—and wants.
  • Low vinyl siding costs
    You don’t want ”cheap”—or low quality—siding, but you do want a high-quality siding system for a low cost—that’s why vinyl siding is such a good option. Vinyl costs are low, but they offer value to your home through energy efficiency, durability and overall strength.
  • Proper installation

    Vinyl siding that isn’t installed properly can warp, buckle, break or form gaps at seams. Inherently, vinyl siding is low maintenance—you only have to scrub it down every once in awhile with soap—but can become quite high maintenance if not properly installed by a professional siding contractor.A quality siding contractor can add value through their knowledge of installation best practices—ASTM D4756 is internationally accepted as the standard for vinyl siding installation—and manufacturer’s warranties. Any experienced contractor will be able to install your vinyl siding system without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. They will also be able to point you toward the right vinyl siding products for long-term effectiveness.

When you’re thinking about installing or replacing your siding, be sure to schedule a consultation with Wildwood Roofing & Construction. We’re St. Louis’ experts on roofing and siding. We have the care and precision to replace siding on homes, and the bandwidth and diligence to take on large-scale commercial projects. Home- and facility-owners around St. Louis trust us to protect their assets.

Here’s why.

We’re passionate about what we do. We live for the feeling of seeing a job well done. This means using knowing the proper siding installation techniques better than anyone else. It means being up-to-date on fire safety codes, St. Louis City and County building codes and international standards. Our goal is to deliver siding solutions that meet your facility or home’s needs. And we do it seamlessly.

We operate by a higher standard. Other guys? They want to get the job done. We want to get it done right—on time and on budget. When we give you a quote for your vinyl siding, we’ll stick to it. Same with the timeline. We want the finished product to be something we’re proud of and you’re happy with. Maybe that’s why we’re proud of every commercial and residential siding project we’ve ever completed.

So schedule a risk-free siding consultation and learn what sets us apart.

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