St. Louis Residential Roof Replacement

Your home is a massive investment, and your roof is one of the principal components that protect you and your family from Mother Nature. Given the important role your roof plays, it’s important to keep it in ship shape, or you’ll risk spending a fortune in repairs down the line.

Your roof itself is constantly under attack by the elements. This is especially true in St. Louis, Missouri, where rain, snow, sleet, and gusting winds can all hit your house – sometimes within 24 hours of each other!

Over the years, your roof sustains a lot of storm damage. It’s inevitable. The elements begin to wear down your roof, which needs regular maintenance, eventually, replacing altogether, to keep your home safe and dry.

There are a few signs that your roof is due for a replacement. These can include widespread shingle damage, leaking roofs or more general wear and tear. When these signs become apparent, you must reach out to a professional roofing company that can walk you through the roof replacement process.

At Wildwood Roofing, we recognize that every roofing project is different, and roofing needs vary across houses. With that in mind, we approach each one differently. We offer a free, no-pressure inspection where we describe exactly what you need to understand your current roof situation, and we develop a customized plan of attack that suits your personal needs.

Signs You Need Roof Replacement

To minimize roof replacement costs in St. Louis, you need to look for problems with your roof early. There are a couple of clear-cut “warning signs” that point to underlying problems that may require a roof replacement. These include:

Shingle Damage

Shingles are the most common roofing material in the St. Louis market – and for good reason. They last a long time and do a great job keeping the elements at bay. While they’re good for your home, damaged shingles are a sign that you need to consider repairing or replacing your rooftop.

If you notice a good amount of shingles are cupped, broken, buckling or even missing altogether, it’s a good sign that your roof is struggling overall and may need some work.

In addition to looking for damaged shingles, observing some unwelcome greenery on them is a bad sign too. Things like moss or algae growing on your shingles are a sign of water damage underneath, meaning you might need to consult a professional for the remedy.

Finally, if you’re checking your rooftop for damage, take a look at your gutters and downspouts while you’re at it. If you find a couple of shingle granules, that’s a pretty tell-tale sign that your rooftop is nearing the end of its life.

Water Damage

One of the main functions your roof should serve is it should keep water out of your house. Water leaking into your home is never a good sign, and keeping it out should be one of the priorities in any home improvement initiative.

With that in mind, seeing water damage coming from your roof is a very obvious cry for help. If you see seepage occurring in your home, don’t hesitate to contact a professional and set up a free inspection.

Oftentimes, though, water damage isn’t so obvious. A leaking roof might manifest itself in discolored walls or mysterious water stains on your ceilings.

Getting on top of your roof can be dangerous, so start your investigation in your attic. This is usually where you will notice any water leaking in the home. One way to start testing for yourself is to turn off all the lights and see if you can find any lights shining through the cracks.

Again, you should contact a professional St. Louis roofing company like Wildwood Roofing. Delaying action could give water the time it needs to do even more damage to your home.

Sagging Roof

This particular warning sign is more of a macro-issue rather than a shingle warning. However, if you’re roof is at all sagging or bent inward, you need to set up an inspection ASAP or you risk your roof collapsing altogether.

A droopy, sagging roof (as opposed to a flat roof) is one of the most obvious and clear-cut signs that you will need to replace your roof, as it means the roof has been susceptible to rainfall and water for a very long time. If you’re experiencing this, contact Wildwood Roofing for a full-service roofing estimate today.

Aging Rooftop

All these warning signs can help you decide to contact an expert, but at the end of the day, time is your roof’s biggest enemy.

Most roofs have an expiration date ranging around 20 to 25 years. If you review some of your home improvement documents and realize it has been almost two decades since your roof last saw professional help, then the clock is ticking.

Also, if your roof was installed on top of an existing roof – a practice known as overlaying – then your time is even scarcer. Overlaying is a “bandage” like a practice that covers up the real problem at hand.

Coupling all of these factors together, you’ll want a roof replacement immediately to prevent water damage, mold, pests, and even complete roof collapse.


Once you notice any of the above warning signs, it’s time to call a residential roofing contractor in St. Louis. A reputable residential roof repair company will often offer a complimentary, obligation-free roof analysis, where they will come to your home and take a look at your roof damage. They will analyze what work needs to be done—and even tell you if your roof looks fine as is—and offer you a fair quote for the roof replacement in St. Louis.

Roof Installation Process

When you’re about to reach out to a roofing contractor, it’s important to understand the process you’ll undergo. While St. Louis companies will vary in the way they conduct their roofing repair process, many of them will follow a similar layout to the process we have adapted.

By partnering with Wildwood Roofing for a roofing installation, you can expect the following 3 steps.


Your residential roofer will begin any roof replacement in the Greater St. Louis area by turning off your sprinkler system, removing hangings from walls and setting up tarps. Essentially, your residential roofing contractor will try to prepare properly to avoid any potential damage to your home.

Roof Restoration

Roof replacement usually starts by removing the existing roof—laying new shingles over old ones can weigh down the roof deck, potentially leading to roof collapse and leading to a decreased resale value of your home—and examining the underlying roof deck for wood rot or cracks.

Then an experienced residential roofing company will prepare the roof deck properly so that the shingles, slate or tile will lay flat. From there, the correct roofing technique will ensure proper ventilation and increase the lifetime of your roof and prevent failure. This includes knowing how to properly install flashing and prevent leakage in valleys and on ridge caps. Roofing installation or repair will typically last about 3-5 days.


A trustworthy residential roofing company won’t stop with roof installation, but ensure your home is just the way it was when they started the project—but better. This includes canvassing the surrounding area for nails that might have fallen or cleaned up shingles, dust and other material that might have scattered throughout the site. Other than the new roof, you might not even know they were there.

Trusted St. Louis Roofing Services

Wildwood Roofing & Construction has been completing residential roof repair and commercial roofing projects for years and we are proud of each of our roof restoration projects. We know that every St. Louis roof repair project is different, which is why we have years of experience providing our clients with an in-depth and free estimate. Our licensed estimator will provide you with an honest and accurate quote for your residential roof repair.

Wildwood Roofing & Construction has built its reputation by focusing on developing 3 key traits:

  • Technique
  • Experience
  • Customer Service

We proudly service Saint Louis and the surrounding area – including Webster Groves, Sunset Hills, Affton, Fenton, Maryland Heights, Crestwood, Brentwood, Arnold, and southern Illinois – with these 3 principles guiding our every move. Taken together, they create a trifecta of customer satisfaction that many St. Louis roofing companies simply cannot compete with.

Contact us today for a free, no-pressure roof inspection. We’ll guide you through exactly what’s needed to make your roof serviceable again, and work alongside any insurance claims you need assistance with.

We know that every St. Louis roof repair project is different, which is why we have years of experience in providing our clients with an in-depth and free estimate.

Drop us a line to tell us your project goals. We’ll tell you how we can exceed them.