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Choosing the right siding material for your home or commercial facility can increase the service life of your siding system. Experienced siding companies can help you navigate structural and price constraints and guide you toward the right material selection for you and your facility.

Here are some of the material options the experienced siding contractors at Wildwood Roofing & Construction can install:

James Hardie siding companies

Fiber cement siding, if installed correctly by a qualified siding contractor, is one of your most resilient siding options—it doesn’t break during the freeze-thaw cycle, is pest- and rot-proof, and even can withstand winds of up to 130 mph. Wildwood Roofing & Construction is a qualified James Hardie siding contractor, and know industry best practices for installation backwards and forwards.

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Seamless siding contractor

Seamless siding is sometimes referred to as ”maintenance free siding” because of how little upkeep is required. If properly installed by a siding contractor in St. Louis, it can even contribute to energy certifications such as LEED v4 or Energy Star for your facility.

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Insulated siding in St. Louis

Insulated siding is comprised of vinyl boards with a foam backing, which provides increased thermal resistance for your home or facility. The foam is typically made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) which is fitted to the underside of vinyl siding boards. Foam backed vinyl siding provides additional impact resistance and weatherproofing for your home or facility.

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Shake siding in St. Louis

Cedar shake siding exudes natural beauty, while protecting your commercial building or home from the elements. With proper installation and maintenance by a reputable St. Louis siding company, shakes can last decades. Your siding contractor can guide you toward cedar shakes that have been pressure impregnated with fire retardants and that have been approved by the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau.

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Vinyl siding companies in St. Louis

Vinyl siding is one of the most affordable siding options available on the market today. For both commercial and residential applications, vinyl siding provides design versatility, energy efficiency and protection to your facility for a low price.

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Board and batten siding contractor

For a rustic and natural look, many residential and commercial siding companies in St. Louis are turning to board and batten siding. Vertical siding has many benefits, but only if properly installed by qualified siding technicians.

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Metal siding companies

Metal siding is not only pest-, water- and rot-resistant—it can also be made to imitate more expensive siding materials such as shakes and stucco. And, it can be manufactured to meet the structural and design needs of almost any commercial or residential building.

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Choosing the right contractor for your home or facility

At Wildwood Roofing & Construction, we want you to do your research. We’re confident that we’re the best siding company in St. Louis for both commercial and residential projects. But, if you’re deciding between one or more companies, read our guide, ’10 Tips on Getting the Right Contractor’ before making your final decision.

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