Professional Cedar shake Siding Contractors in St. Louis

Cedar shake siding for rustic beauty and weatherproof durability

If you want to enhance curb appeal for your commercial or residential building, cedar shake shingles are one of the most naturally rustic and beautiful siding options you can go with.

Cedar shake siding is made from high-quality yellow or western red cedar shingles and can be hand-split or taper sawn, depending on your design preferences. Because wood is a natural insulator, it is able to withstand even the harshest environments.

While shake siding costs can be quite expensive when compared to synthetic imitations like vinyl siding or asphalt shingles, there really is no substitute for the texture, richness, or beauty of cedar shake siding. Additionally, when properly installed by a quality siding contractor, shake siding can remain durable even in the face of harsh storms and winds.

These also pair great with cedar roofing shingles. The two taken together create a beautiful, yet functional exterior for your home. For a contractor that can provide both siding and roofing materials, call Wildwood Roofing today. We’ll provide a free estimate for your home and walk you through everything you need to know for awesome exterior siding.

Here are all the home improvement facts you need to know about finishes, wood siding installation, and choosing the right siding contractor:

Weather and Fire Resistant Finishes

One of the first things you need to consider for a new siding is the durability it offers your home. This is especially true in St. Louis, where your home siding needs to be able to protect your home against any kind of weather.

That’s where weather-resistant coatings come in.

The Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau (CSSB) has several grades for cedar wood siding. These are split into ranks based on fire resistance ratings and physical attributes.

Premium and number 1 shake siding is pressure-impregnated with fire retardants. This means that the fire resistance coatings are throughout the shake, rather than just on the surface like a coating. This will prevent the coating from being washed away in the rain over time.

And for further protection against rain, most cedar shake siding is coated in water-repellent preservatives (WRPs). Your siding contractor will guide you toward the best cedar shake siding materials for your facility or home.

Wood siding installation

With the right contractor, putting in a new shake siding system is an easy installation.

This phase occurs in courses – or rows – which are overlapped to ensure your siding shingles are watertight. Humidity on the day of wood siding installation is also very important – the lower the moisture content, the further apart you should lay each shake, as the shakes will likely expand on higher moisture days.

This small measure should be taken seriously, as placing shake siding too closely together can cause bucking. Also, installing fasteners when the wood is too far apart can create major gaps, compromising the waterproof capabilities of the system. Properly laid shake siding should not only be weather- temperature- and wind-proof, it should also provide excellent sound absorption, which is essential for any home or facility.

Preventative and storm maintenance plan

Preventative maintenance is paramount to the success of your shake siding system. Though wood shakes are naturally weatherproof and strong, they need to be coated periodically to ensure its continued beauty and water repellence.

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