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St. Louis’ Gutter Installation and Repair Experts

Gutter systems are essential for the success of any roofing system.

If your gutter system is clogged with outdoor debris or broken in any way, it can cause water to create a sagging roof. Over time, this leads to water damage inside your home.

When functioning properly, though, gutter systems drain water away from your roof and away from your foundation.

Preserve the integrity of your St. Louis gutter and siding with regular gutter cleanings every spring and fall. These cleaning appointments are also an excellent time to have your trusted roofing contractor to inspect your gutters, downspouts, soffits, and fascias.

At Wildwood Roofing, we provide expert gutter repair services. We can assist cleaning your gutters, installing gutter guards, or completing a full gutter replacement. Whatever your roof needs, we’re the perfect home improvement company for the job.

Material Selection for Gutter Installations

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make for your new roof gutter is selecting the type of materials you want.

We carry and install the following materials for your home:

  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl
  • Copper

These three are common gutters in St. Louis because they are effective and low maintenance.

The type of material you select will depend on a few factors unique to your home. For instance, a vinyl gutter system might make sense if the color selections match your roof’s shingles.

Continuous gutter systems – or gutter installations with no seams – are slightly more expensive, but remove the risk of leaks around the seams.

Gutter Installations with Wildwood Roofing

Once your material is chosen, we get to work with your rain gutter installation.

Our professionals install new gutters below the drip edge of your roofing system. This system collects water from your roof and guides the precipitation away from the building.

Installers ensure the gutter is slightly sloped toward the downspout so water flow is efficient. We typically recommend that St. Louis gutters have a pitch, expressed as a ratio of width to height, of 1:40. This will force water to flow toward one of the downspouts.

If you have a large roof, it is usually suggested that, if your facility has a large roof, there are multiple downspouts, with a stretch of gutter leading to each one—usually, downspouts are installed every 20-30 feet.

As with most roofing applications, a licensed commercial or residential roofing contractor will be best equipped to properly install your gutter system. They know all about gutter installation and gutter repair in St. Louis, and the sporadic weather characteristic of Missouri.

Choose Wildwood Roofing – Expert Gutter and Siding Contractors

An experienced roofing contractor will be able to develop a preventative maintenance plan for your roofing system which will include gutter repair. They will work with you to maintain the structural integrity of your overall roofing system, keeping your home or facility up and running.

If it’s time for gutter repair in St. Louis, be sure to schedule a consultation with Wildwood Roofing & Construction. We’re St. Louis’ experts on roofing, siding, and gutters. We have the care and precision to replace siding on homes, and the bandwidth and diligence to take on large-scale commercial projects. Home- and facility-owners around St. Louis trust us to protect their assets.

Here’s why:

We’re Passionate About Roofing

We live for the feeling of seeing a job well done. This means using knowing the proper gutter installation techniques better than anyone else. It means being up-to-date on fire safety codes, St. Louis City and County building codes and international standards. Our goal is to deliver siding solutions that meet your facility or home’s needs. And we do it seamlessly.

We Operate by a Higher Standard

Other guys? They want to get the job done. We want to get it done right—on time and on budget. When we give you a quote for your St. Louis gutter and siding, we’ll stick to it. Same with the timeline. We want the finished product to be something we’re proud of and you’re happy with. Maybe that’s why we’re proud of every commercial and residential siding project we’ve ever completed.

So schedule a risk-free siding consultation and learn what sets us apart.

Drop us a line to tell us your project goals. We’ll tell you how we can exceed them.