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Seamless siding: Maintenance free and benefit rich

Seamless siding has many benefits for homes and commercial facilities alike—it requires little to no maintenance, they’re more aesthetically appealing than seamed siding and can even contribute to energy efficiency certification for your facility.

Maintenance free siding comes in two main varieties: vinyl-coated steel or polymer siding systems. While comprised of different base materials, both varieties provide the same benefits to your commercial building or home. Seamless siding is custom-cut for your home or facility by the manufacturer to fit perfectly, requiring no unsightly seams.

If you’re looking to repair or replace your home or facility’s siding, then here’s what you need to know about seamless siding:

  • Maintenance-free siding for aesthetic appeal and hands-off care
    Seamless siding is often chosen for the ease of maintenance. In fact, seamless siding is practically maintenance free siding. Since seamless siding is immune from many of the problems of seamed siding, it requires a fraction of the maintenance. Other than occasionally scrubbing down your siding, there is little you will have to do in order to maintain it if your seamless siding is installed by a professional siding contractor.You won’t even have to paint your home or facility—seamless siding comes in many color varieties, allowing for design versatility. There is, however, one caveat: the color of your maintenance free siding which will last throughout its service life, but you need to like the color you choose as you will not be able to paint over it.Plus, though maintenance free siding is sometimes made of galvanized metal, which can corrode over time, metal seamless siding is usually coated with a vinyl outer coat or weather-resistant coating, lessening the chance of corrosion—or rust—forming on the siding’s surface.
  • Thermal, mildew and pest resistance
    Normal siding can have as many as 8 or 9 seams, which can cause problems during temperature changes or high winds. Temperature changes, for example, can cause expansion and contraction in the individual siding boards. This is why seamed siding can sometimes pull away from corners and away from other boards. High winds are then able to further pull away at the seams if there are small gaps between boards. This is not the case for seamless siding—since there are no seams, there is less chance for wind or temperature changes to cause damage.Seamless siding means fewer gaps in your commercial building or home’s outermost protection. Maintenance free siding can, therefore, offer greater insulation, waterproofing, and pest resisting benefits than alternatives. And because there are no gaps for water to seep through, the risk of water damage causing interior deterioration due to mold or mildew is alleviated.For commercial applications, it is also important to note that because seamless siding provides greater insulation and thermal resistance, it can help your facility earn credit toward Energy Star or LEED v4 certification. Seamless siding is often made with recyclable materials, which is crucial since LEED v4 is more focused on the use of sustainable materials than previous iterations. Your siding contractor, if qualified, will be able to guide you toward the best materials for your needs.

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