Need emergency roof repairs? Call our 24-hour response team

When it can’t wait til morning, call St. Louis’ emergency roof repair experts


Not every roof, siding or window problem can wait until morning. Water moves quickly, damaging the structural integrity of your home or facility. Left unattended, damaged roofs and siding will sustain significant water and structural damage—that’s why roof leak repairs are so important.

Call the emergency roofing experts at Wildwood Roofing & Construction—anytime, day or night—and we’ll show up quickly, evaluate the damage and then perform a leaking roof repair so your home or facility doesn’t sustain any more damage. Usually, an emergency roof leak repair consists of installing a tarp over the damaged area of your roof. While a leaking roof repair typically isn’t a permanent fix, it is the best way to stop the damage from getting worse. It can also save you money in the long run, preventing the need for more costly roof repairs.

Afterward, we’ll talk about next steps—do a couple shingles need to be replaced? Does the gutter need to be reattached to allow for proper drainage? Basically, we’ll have a conversation about what needs to be done to get your facility or home’s roof back into shape. 

You’ll also need to document the damage for your insurance company. A couple photos and notes will suffice. We will guide you through what you need when filing a claim with insurance. Speaking of insurance, emergency roof repairs are often covered by your homeowners insurance, and they can save you from having to do major repairs.

Our emergency roof repair team is always on call and ready to work. Next time you have a leak and it can’t wait, give us a call.