Architectural shingles provide cost-effective alternative to more expensive commercial systems

Architectural shingle roofing systems are often used on steep slope commercial roofs due to its strength, durability and design versatility.

If you’re considering an architectural roof installation, replacement or repair, here’s what you need to know:

  • Factors affecting cost 

    While architectural shingles are more expensive than your standard 3 tab shingle, running about $33-52 per bundle, they are worth the price increase. Designer shingles are a heavier weight, and tend to provide better weather, temperature and impact protection over a longer period of time. For steep slope commercial applications, this means less maintenance and greater protection for your building.This is because, though they are made from the same material as 3 tab shingles, architectural shingles are constructed with not one, but two layers of asphalt held together by adhesive. This, combined with premium surfacing, support and fillers make architectural shingles a longer lasting, more effective layer of protection for your facility. Not only that, but often architectural shingles come equipped with fire- and alae-resistant coatings.Their performance—if installed correctly and properly maintained—is sometimes guaranteed by a ”lifetime warranty.” In summary, although designer shingles may be more expensive than 3 tab shingles, they require less maintenance and provide greater protection, making them a great roofing choice for commercial facilities.
  • Design versatility
    Another reason architectural shingles are an appealing choice for commercial applications is because they can be manufactured in almost any color. And, designer shingles can be made to mimic the luxurious appearance of more expensive roofing systems such as shakes, tile, or even slate.Although your system won’t last centuries, like a well-maintained slate roofing system, architectural shingles can give your building the opulent appearance of a more expensive roofing system without the price.
  • Added value of choosing a quality roofing contractor

    One of the most important factors for the longevity of your architectural system is its installation and maintenance—this all comes down the skill of the roofing contractor you hire for your commercial facility. You need a contractor with the expertise and diligence to complete large scale projects. You also want to look for a contractor that provides only premium shingles—CertainTeed and GAF are some of the best manufacturers available. While subpar products allow some contractors to provide lower quote, they will not provide the same level of protection nor will they last as long.

A qualified contractor will be able to analyze your roofing system and develop a plan for installation that doesn’t affect the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty of your architectural shingles. They will properly prepare your roof deck with roofing felt and determine which roofing technique will best work for your roof—racking, stair-stepping or installing them diagonally.Most importantly, they will quote you a fair price and stick to it. They will remain on track per your agreed-upon timeline. And, when the project is over, they will stand behind their work.

Choosing the right roofing contractor is paramount to the long-term effectiveness of your roofing system. That’s why you need to schedule a consultation with Wildwood Roofing & Construction before beginning your next roofing project.

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