GAF roofing: Quality, sustainability, and durability

GAF, founded in 1886, has been a leading manufacturer of roofing materials, as well as an educator about proper roofing practices for over 130 years. Many home- and facility-owners turn to GAF roofing materials to protect their assets due to GAF’s known quality and commitment to sustainability.

Quality of GAF roofing

Quality is a given with GAF roofing. Since 1886, GAF has been a thought leader in the roofing industry, manufacturing high quality shingles and roofing materials. They’ve set the standard for the shingle roofing industry—they’re rated #1 in shingle quality most years, won the Builder’s Choice Award most years and recently their TPO system won the Product of the Year award from Commercial Building Products Magazine. These, and countless other awards, along with the real-world durability and strength of their products, set GAF roofing materials apart.

They have a wide variety of quality roofing materials for both commercial and residential applications. And GAF even provides lifetime warranties for some of their products, with proper installation. GAF roofing materials are among the best in the industry.

GAF’s commitment to sustainability

Throughout their 130 years in business, GAF has paved the way in sustainability. From focusing on net zero building to leading the conversation about the LEED and Energy Star certifications, GAF certainly does their part to be on the cutting edge of sustainable building. If you’re looking to earn a tax credit for your home or a green building certification for your new facility, it might be worth talking to your roofing contractor about GAF roofing systems.

The importance of proper installation of GAF roofing

While their materials are high-quality and sustainable, even a GAF roofing system can fail if not properly installed. The vertical racking method of shingle installation, for example, can lead to pattern curl—the curling of shingles upward—or shadowing—the striped fading of a shingle’s color—if not properly installed.

Hiring a quality manufacturer can add value to your roofing system by installing your shingles—or any other roofing material—properly, which can contribute to the durability, strength and overall look of your finished roof.

Choosing the right contractor for your residential or commercial roofing project is paramount to your roof’s long-term effectiveness. Before commencing your facility’s roof repair or installation, be sure to schedule a consultation with St. Louis’ commercial roofing experts—Wildwood Roofing & Construction.

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