Factors affecting residential roof repair costs

Every roof repair is different, so if you’re noticing a leaking roof, you might not necessarily need a completely new roof, but rather a smaller residential roof repair project. A licensed roofing estimator will be able to take a look at the leaking roof and ascertain the root of the problem, whether it’s new flashing around a dormer or chimney or just replacing a leaky skylight.

Because every residential roof repair is different, it’s difficult to give an exact ticket price without assessing your roof in person, so reputable roof repair contractors in St. Louis will often offer cost- and obligation-free consultations. A trusted residential roof repair company will typically explain in depth what needs to be repaired and where the quoted cost comes from. They’ll talk to you about the cause of the leak, what needs to be repaired or replaced and keep you updated if anything comes up during the roof restoration project.

There are several factors that can affect the cost of roof restoration projects, such as:

  • The ”pitch” of your roof
    The pitch refers to the steepness of your roof, and is often expressed as a ratio of height to length. For instance, a roof with a pitch of 4:12 means that for every 4 feet of height, there is 12 feet of length. All of this matters to you because the steeper the pitch of the roof, the more expensive the residential roof project due to increased insurance costs as well as safety concerns.
  • The presence of water damage
    Sometimes, a roofer will begin a standard residential roof repair project such as replacing a few cracked shingles only to rip up the existing roof to reveal severe wood rot on the roofing deck. A water-damaged roofing deck can make it difficult and unsafe to nail new shingles into the wood. Left untreated, severe water damage can lead to further leaks in your roof or total roof collapse. If a roof restoration expert notices wood rot, they might suggest replacing the water-damaged areas of the roofing deck and installing an entirely new roof.
  • Type of roofing material

    Of course, if you have a slate roof, your roof restoration cost will be higher than if you had an asphalt shingle roof. As far as conventional roofing materials, the order of most expensive to least is slate, tile, metal, wood and then asphalt shingles.

Regardless of whether you have a leaking roof or have storm damage, it’s time to call a St. Louis roof repair contractor. Wildwood Roofing & Construction has been completing residential roof repair projects for years and we are proud of each of our roof restoration projects. We know that every St. Louis roof repair project is different, which is why we provide our clients with a free estimate. Our licensed estimator will provide you with an honest and accurate quote for your residential roof repair.

So, if you have a leaking roof or need to repair your roof, schedule a free consultation.

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