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Metal siding provides pest-, water- and rot-resistance

Metal siding is used for many commercial and residential applications for its pest-, water- and rot-resistant qualities. And, with all the design and price options available to facility- and home-owners, aluminum siding and steel siding can be configured to meet almost any structural, cost and design needs.

If you’re considering installing, repairing or replacing a metal siding system, here’s what you need to know:

Design and cost versatility of metal siding systems

Metal siding is a cost-effective alternative to more expensive siding systems such as stained cedar shakes or James Hardie fiber cement. Metal siding costs depend on your material selection—aluminum metal siding costs about $2.20-5 per square foot, while steel metal siding costs about $4-8 per square foot. Metal siding costs vary depending on the type of protective coating used, as well as the thickness of the metal sheets—the thicker the sheet, the more expensive the system.

Aluminum siding is lighter and easier to install, but is more susceptible to dents. Steel siding provides better dent and hail resistance, but is much heavier. The metal siding material you choose will depend largely on your building’s structural needs and your price constraints.

And aluminum siding and steel siding are available in many texture and color variations. Metal siding can, in fact, be manufactured to mimic the rich texture and tones of cedar shake siding. Some varieties of metal siding are coated with PVC, and can resemble vinyl siding.

A licensed siding contractor can guide you toward the right material for your home or facility’s design and structural needs.

Metal siding installation and repair considerations

Metal siding can be installed in almost any configuration—horizontal, vertical, diagonal. All configurations, though, require the same care during installation. Underlayment must be installed before metal siding sheets to ensure the water- and weather-resistance quality of the siding system. Then, an experienced siding contractor will carefully measure and chalk out guidelines for where each metal sheet should go—lining up sheets perfectly is paramount to the effectiveness of any metal siding system. Aluminum siding and steel siding should also be installed so that there is at least a 2” overlap between each sheet.

Almost all metal siding is coated for color and corrosion—or rust—control. This prevents premature material failure. Metal siding often come with a ”lifetime warranty.” You will, however, need to be vigilant about replacing your coatings every 15-25 years in order to maintain the structural integrity of the system.

Your siding contractor will guide you toward materials that meet ASTM standards for metal siding, and install your siding using industry best practices.

The added value of a quality siding contractor

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