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What to look for in a Swansea roofing contractor

There are many benefits of being in Swansea for business- and home-owners alike. Swansea – a community located just Southeast of St. Louis on the Illinois side – is bustling with commuter families, boutique shops and generation-old homes. From Clinton Hills Conservation to Melvin Price Memorial Park, there’s plenty for the families to enjoy in the great community of Swansea, IL.

If you live in Swansea and you’re concerned about the state of your home’s roof, you must find it’s a contractor who understands the specific needs and values of your community. At Wildwood Roofing & Construction, we strive to deliver precisely what each client expects—budget, design, structural needs—and that begins with loving Swansea just as much you do.

Before you reach out to a new roofing partner, here’s why you should consider Wildwood Roofing for all your Swansea roofing, siding and window needs:

We’re trustworthy Swansea roofing contractors

At Wildwood Roofing & Construction, our portfolio is full of everything from installing asphalt shingles on multi-million dollar mansions to installing TPO on large commercial buildings to laying luxurious tile roofing. We’ve done them all in the Swansea area, and we’re more than qualified to service your home with the same love and care.

We consider not only your roof or window need, but the impact a replacement might have, and what the underlying causes might tell you about the rest of your home. Overall, we think holistically about your home and provide solutions that help you save the most money in the long run.

Additionally, we know how important it is to minimize downtime—regardless of whether we’re working on your home or business—so we work expeditiously, sticking to our agreed-upon job timeline.

You can also rest assured that we are up to date with insurance, licensing, and worker’s compensation. We also spend a great deal of time keeping up with fire and building codes, so you can be sure that we deliver high-quality and safe Swansea roofing.

We’re experienced in every residential and commercial roof

At Wildwood Roofing & Construction, we have experience. And we have the certifications, awards, and manufacturer partnerships to prove it. But what we’re most proud of are our customer reviews—and how overwhelmingly good they are.

From the free consultation to using only premium materials to our impeccable technique, we put client satisfaction above all else. It’s because we’re so confident in our workmanship that we warranty it—many other Eureka window and roofing contractors either can’t or won’t warranty their workmanship.

Drop us a line to tell us your project goals. We’ll tell you how we can exceed them.