CertainTeed Certified Select Shingle Master Installers: The Top 1 percent

Roofing contractors bestowed with the CertainTeed Certified Select ShingleMaster Installer certification are among the top 1 percent of all roofers nationwide. Wildwood Roofing & Construction is a proud holder of this certification, meaning we have passed stringent qualification tests, which are intended to determine our knowledge of shingle installation and materials, as well as whether we’re properly licensed and insured. 

We are. And, because we’ve been verified by an independent third party during the CertainTeed Certified Select ShingleMaster Installer screening process, you can be sure about our ability to shingle your home or facility.

Plus, CertainTeed isn’t the only manufacturer who’s bestowed us with a certification. To learn about Wildwood’s other awards and certifications, click here.

Top-notch shingle roofing materials, installation, customer service from CertainTeed Certified Select Shingle Master Installers

To become a CertainTeed Certified Select ShingleMaster Installer, you must first pass a comprehensive exam of the CertainTeed Shingle Technology Manual, which contains important information about installation, product standards and more. And, because over half of our roofing technicians are Master Shingle Applicators(TM) (MSA), you know that your roofing installation will last long into the future. Not only that, but ShingleMaster Installers are able to offer CertainTeed’s SureStart PLUS extended warranty to their client. CertainTeed feels comfortable offering a longer warranty installations they know were done right. 

Our knowledge isn’t the only thing that this certification means—it also means we operate ethically and serve our clients well. In order to maintain our status as a CertainTeed Certified Select Shingle Master Installer, we must maintain a customer service rating of at least a 4 on a 5-point scale—CertainTeed sends a survey to everyone who uses a ShingleMaster installer. Luckily, we operate by a high standard of our own and put our customers’ needs first.

Stability: Finances, worker’s compensation, liability insurance

As part of the certification process, the owner of a roofing company must pass CertainTeed’s Business Fiscal Responsibility exam. This ensures that commercial and residential customers that work with a CertainTeed Certified Select ShingleMaster Installer can be sure their contractor has sufficient cash flow and fiscal know-how to complete even the biggest projects without any hiccups. 

CertainTeed also verifies the liability insurance and worker’s compensation status of all companies they certify—if you work with us, you know we have the technique to do the job right, but if should happen, you’re covered. 

Want to schedule a cost- and risk-free consultation with a St. Louis CertainTeed Certified Shingle Master Installer? Then give us a call to work with a quality roofer you can trust.

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