What to look for in Glendale roofing and window contractors

Glendale, located between Manchester Road and West Lockwood Avenue, is a bustling residential suburb of St. Louis City with easy access to most St. Louis thoroughfares, Glendale has become a hub for small businesses and starting families alike.

The buildings of Glendale are just as diverse as the community itself—Glendale roofing ranges from TPO membranes atop commercial flat roof buildings to luxury tile on high-end homes to tried-and-true asphalt shingle.

To keep up with the wide range of roofing systems, Glendale window and roofing contractors need to stay up-to-date on proper techniques and standards, as well as Glendale roofing codes and fire safety laws. As a result, experience matters for commercial and residential Glendale roofing. Inexperience can lead to subpar roofing applications and premature roofing failure.

Wildwood Roofing & Construction has extensive experience in every type of roofing installation—from BUR roofing for flat commercial buildings to luxury tile roofing to basic asphalt shingles. And we have certifications that only the top 5% of Glendale roofing contractors have.

Choosing a Glendale roofing and window

When you’re deciding between Glendale window and roofing contractors, experience is important. But trust and client satisfaction are absolutely vital. You need to be able to trust your roofing contractor. To respect your budget. To stay within timeline. And to clean the job site every day.

We may have an A+ BBB rating, and CertainTeed and GAF certifications, but we’re most proud of our overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. We aim to exceed every client’s expectations through professionalism, technique and excellent results. This begins with the free consultation. Then we devise a plan to deliver the most value through your roofing system. And after we’ve ensured your satisfaction, we leave the job site nicer than it was before.

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