Choose Clayton roofing and window contractors based on trust and experience

Clayton, located a short 15-minute drive from most major city attractions, is home to a wide variety of residential and commercial buildings. There are a many high- and low-rise office buildings—some of which serve as the headquarters for Forbes and Fortune 500 corporations—and galleries, boutiques and outdoor cafes. And Clayton homes range from one-story family homes to flashy mansions.

As such, Clayton roofing is just about as varied as it gets—with everything from single-ply flat roof membranes to slate to basic asphalt shingles. As a result, Clayton roofing contractors need to stay ahead of the curve, knowing the relevant standards and codes, as well as the proper techniques for just about every roof and building type. Clayton windows have just as much variety—high-rise office buildings require different window installations than multi-million dollar mansions.

As you’re deciding between Clayton roofing and window contractors, here’s what you should keep in mind.

The deciding factors for Clayton window and roofing contractors: Trust and experience

The Clayton roofing industry is saturated with experienced contractors. That’s why it’s commitment to the client that separates the good from the great—not experience. You want someone who will respect—and not exceed—your budget. Your timeline, too.

At Wildwood Roofing & Construction, we understand this. It’s why, though we have completed many noteworthy roofing projects and have earned many awards and certifications, those aren’t our proudest accomplishments—our satisfied customers are. In fact, we encourage you to read what our past clients have to say. We aim for complete satisfaction, and we have the A+ rating from the BBB to prove it. Plus, we even have a 5-star composite rating.

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